A burst pipe can cause all sorts of issues in your home or business, so it is reassuring to know that you can call the K & S Plumbing and Heating emergency call-out line at any time of the day or night.

Phone our 24-hour hotline as soon as you notice the problem and we will be there to fix your pipes as quickly as possible. We are the most reliable and efficient repairer of burst pipes in Tenterden and the surrounding areas.

Causes of Burst Pipes

One of the main questions we are always asked, is “why me?” Customers suffering with burst pipes in their plumbing are always keen to know what went wrong. The cause of the problem is not always obvious and is often down to something completely out of their control. The most common reason for the breakdown of pipes is freezing weather conditions. When the pipes are filled with water and the temperature drops, the water inside the pipe freezes and expands. This puts excessive pressure on the pipes and this is why pipes are most likely to burst as the winter comes to an end.

Another common reason for burst pipes in the Kent and Sussex area is when there is a blockage. A clogged pipe anywhere in the plumbing system can put intense pressure on the pipes where the water backs up. If you notice a stale smell of sewage in your house, it is important to get it seen to as soon as possible to prevent the pipes bursting. Prevention is always better than cure, and in this instance, it will cost a lot less to resolve.

Fast, Efficient Response

Our 24-hour hotline is in place for emergencies just like a burst pipe. No matter what time of day you notice the issue, it is important to call us straight away. The effects of a burst pipe can be extremely devastating, seriously damaging property and even forcing the occupants to move out temporarily if extensive repair works need to take place. The property in question, as well as surrounding homes, may be left without water for some time if the problem is not immediately rectified.

When you make a call to our emergency phoneline, we aim to get to you as quickly as possible, to lessen the damage that may occur. We attend to all burst pipes in Tenterden and the surrounding areas, covering the whole of Kent and Sussex from our west Kent base.

Preventative Actions

In order to prevent the chances of burst pipes in your Kent home, make sure your pipes, especially those situated outside, are properly insulated. This will lessen the chances of the water freezing inside the pipes. Don’t forget to also insulate your cold water tank.

Regular servicing will also help to make sure your pipes are all in good, durable condition and highlight any possible weaknesses so that they can be repaired before they become an issue. You might like to leave your heating on at a minimum of at least 12°C during the winter so that the water in your central heating system is always at an acceptable temperature.

Finally, make sure you know where your stop cock is located. In the event of any water issue, such as a burst pipe, turn your water off as quickly as possible to limit the amount of water that is able to pass through the system.

If all else fails, K & S Plumbing and Heating will come to the rescue!

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