As recognised Gas Safe engineers, we are able to inspect your gas appliances and issue landlords with the Gas Safety certificates that are required by law before renting out your property.

At just £75 per certificate, we offer a competitive and thorough service to ensure the safety of your tenants.

What Is a Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate?

The gas safety regulations first became law back in 1998, due to a surge in the popularity of gas appliances. Rules were put in place to ensure the safety of the end-user which are now regulated by Gas Safe. All boiler engineers are required to be part of the Gas Safe register by law.

Any landlord who is renting a property with gas appliances inside of it should make the time to have a gas safety inspection carried out. Although the gas safety certificates are often supplied during the initial installation of a product, these need to be updated every single year to ensure the appliance is still fit for use.

Who Can Issue a Gas Safety Certificate?

Only engineers with an up-to-date Gas Safe accreditation may issue a Gas Safety certificate. To be absolutely sure that you are hiring a qualified and certified professional, landlords can check the Gas Safe register. Simply visit the website and type in the name of the business you’d like to use. If they are on the register, then you can hire them with confidence.

All K & S employees are re-registered with Gas Safe every single year, so that we can offer a comprehensive plumbing and heating service that is safe, reliable and efficient. Whenever we install a new gas appliance, our engineers are qualified to provide you with your Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate. We are also available to inspect appliances on a yearly basis, keeping your own documentation up-to-date and legal.

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