As an approved installer for Stuart Turner pumps in Kent, we are pleased to be able to install and repair pumps from one of the biggest and most respected companies in the business.

This sought-after accreditation offers benefits such as:

Highest Standard Manufacturing

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, the team behind the current Stuart Turner pumps have a pretty impressive reputation for producing the highest quality pumps available. Their products are durable and hard-wearing, holding up well to corrosion, rust and general wear and tear.

A Wide and Varied Range of Pumps

With something to suit every circumstance, there is sure to be a Stuart Turner pump for you.

Excellent Value for Money

Despite being made to the very highest specifications, Stuart Turner pumps are surprisingly competitive in price. These products represent great value for money.

Fully Trained Engineers

All of our engineers have been fully trained in using the Stuart Turner products, so that you can be assured that your high-quality pumps are fitted according to best practice. This brand-specific training must be completed in order for the company to award us with the Stuart Turner accreditation.

No-Obligation Quote

If you are interested in having a Stuart Turner pump installed in your home, please contact us and arrange for your no-obligation quote. Our professional engineers will talk you through your options and help you to choose the best products for your needs.

Fuss-Free Installation

Stuart Turner pumps are provided with a range of accessories, allowing us to complete the job without having to wait for extra parts. We can arrange an installation date that is convenient for both the customer and our engineers and have the pumps installed or repaired in no time!

Service with a Smile

Our engineers always aim to be as friendly as possible, so that you are happy to welcome them into your home.

Why Choose K&S Plumbing and Heating to Install Your Stuart Turner products?

When choosing a Stuart Turner pump, you are clearly looking for a product that has been made to last, which is why you have selected a reputable brand. However, on its own, this is not enough. Entrusting your pump installation to K&S Plumbing will ensure you have the current pump fitted for your needs. Everyone’s plumbing systems are slightly different and can be quite complicated to the untrained eye – our professional engineers know exactly what they are doing, installing your pump in the right way, so that there are no unexpected problems with your plumbing system.

We work hard to keep our prices fair and our training up to date, so that you cam be sure that you can always rely on us!

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